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VIP MEMBER HOTSPOT: lifeandsoullifestyle

VIP MEMBER HOTSPOT:  lifeandsoullifestyle

This week we caught up with beauty, food and content creator, Life and Soul Lifestyle...

How long have you been blogging and what motivated you to start?

I started blogging in 2010. I was fresh out of Uni as an online politics reporter and I saw the blog as an outlet to write about other topics that interested me.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

It’s always challenging to stay ahead of the ever changing media landscape and new technology that bloggers have to keep on top of. But it’s a good challenge to have because it helps me learn, improve, and become even better at what I do.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Well, I still work as a journalist and copywriter so my days start early, around 5 am. And depending on my goals for the day, I’ll start by reading two chapters of an educational book, workout, make sure all scheduled social media posts have gone live, then I start my workday at 9 am – could be a client meeting, research for an article or a meeting with members of the brand/marketing I work with. I usually focus on the blog from 5 pm onward, mainly to engage with audiences on social media.

Finally, if you had one piece of advice to give to other aspiring influencers, what would it be?

Be consistent. Decide the goals for your blog, how you want to achieve those goals, and do the things that will help you achieve them every day because consistency yields results.

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