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"If you don't ask you don't get" and "It's not what you know it's who you know" are pretty much gospel when it comes to becoming a successful Influencer. You may write the best recipes, put together the best outfits, or successfully work your way around the gym floor, but if people haven't heard of you, or brands aren't working with you, how far can you really get?

The VIP Club is for influencer's who really take their game seriously. Benefits include access to the Directory, which lists direct contacts to your favourite brands, real people rather than spamming hoping for a response.

Or maybe you currently using the basic version of The Influencer's Diary, RSVP'ing to multiple events and not hearing anything back? Sadly we are just the middle man (or should we say, woman.) It's ultimately down to the event host who is selected to attend. However, join the VIP Club and you can contact the host directly and secure your space.

Become a VIP Member and you will have direct access to the people working at your favourite brands. Enabling you to build relationships with them, organise collaborations, secure paid campaigns, and get added to their mailing lists so you're the first to know about their next event ... It's time to get ahead of the game!

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6 Month Access


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12 Month Access


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